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Jorge Miño [b. 1973]

Corrientes, Argentina


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He trained with Kuropatwa, Martin Weber and Alberto Goldenstein. He attended workshops on contemporary photography, among which was that of Malba-Jumex, directed by Pablo Vargas Lugo. He participated in the Intercampos residency, directed by Victoria Noorthoorn, Dino Bruzzone and Patricia Hakim.


Among his most outstanding previous individual exhibitions are: The invisible, (Ungallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2019); Sense of beggining, (Enlace´s Gallery, Lima, Peru, 2018), Derived geometries (CCK, curated by Massimo Saringella, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2018); Volume of emptiness (Praxis Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2019); Everything that has existed lingers in eternity (Dot Fiftyone Gallery, Miami, USA, 2016); The invisible threshold, where endings become beginnings, (Recoleta Cultural Center, curated by Gabriela Urtiaga, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2015).


He also participated in group, among which the following stand out: 14th Curitiba Biennial 2019, Brazil. Relazioni estetiche (Villam, Reggia di Caserta, Italy, 2018, curated by Massimo Scaringella); Enigma da visão (Museu de Arte Cascavel, Cascavel, Brazil, 2018, curated by Massimo Scaringella and Luiz Carlos Brugnera); Fictions of an infinite time (CCK, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2016), Footprint (Parque de los Laberintos, Tecnópolis, 2016). Haussmannization, Dot Fiftyone Gallery, Miami, USA (2014); Argentina in Mexico (MACAY Museum, Mérida, 2013), Oxymoron (Fundación Proa, curated by Daniel Molina, 2012).


In 2011, he received a grant from the National Fund for the Arts and a Jury Mention in the National Photography Exhibition. He also won the 2nd prize in the Third Biennial of photography from the Arte x Arte Foundation; in 2015, he received the Gold Medal for an installation at Casa Foa, made in conjunction with the Martín Zanotti Studio, and in 2010 he obtained the 3rd prize from Banco Itaú, Bs. As., Argentina.


In 2019, he published Transversal, his first work book, in collaboration with the writer and essayist Marcelo Cohen.

In the evolution of the work, I deconstruct and reconstruct my perception of the world through urban architecture, both in its material and human aspects. I find in architecture the synthesis of a search: the icon of a culture and, depending on the case, of innovation or social decadence. The architecture of life as an everyday object is therefore the key to the turns of my work. My photography is related to the oneiric, it induces us to dream of the territories and spaces we inhabit. The constructions are probed like the hidden cavities of a body, from which an intimate world emerges: the interior landscape of the buildings. I am interested in the spectral in the solid, the void in the full, the abstract that hides in the concrete. By leaving out any appearance of the human figure, the morphology of the architectural space itself is exposed. That is certainly the emphasis I find on the routes, passageways, and the proliferation of stairs: mere instruments to destabilize spaces and unleash the imagination.

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