“By the way, the ability to capture non-existent objects reveals a strange and somewhat unexpected character of
thought. And such a rarity is not without interest or importance, if we notice that precisely to this power of
believing to see and believe in thinking, when nothing is seen or thought, men owe the essence of their illusions. ”
Clément Rosset

If photography is a means to detour or stop facts, what can we ask of the process by which someone stands
still to observe reality in terms of time? Uncanny is the quality of an image that requires it to be reversed in
order to be represented, to jump from being nothing to becoming something like a shadow towards a possible
I have once more tried to erase all possible clue or certainty from the images in this exhibition, anything that
could help us understand any remains from a story when every trace has vanished.  In that way I intend to
capture the essence of what’s real to then run it through my eyes, like a noble memory of its
uncertain existence. 
There’s also a thought behind my work, and it’s the idea that this is the only possible way to show the world:
by its shapes and dimensions, by unspoken words and silence. In each image, every shadow turns into a
luminous cutout on the surface of what’s not there or is not real at all.
With digital technology I can speak a language of infinite resources and unthinkable possibilities for the logic
of the concrete. These photographs exist in a time of their own and they own that time and space. It’s a live
language of the vision on an apparently still object. 
But there’s more, because language alone is not enough. To create the dreamlike or living images of my
work a “self” is also absolutely necessary.
That “self” is of course the one who looks at my works and feels “being” inside them.


© 2020 by Jorge Miño.